Gemstone Mining Adventures
What is Gemstone Mining?

Gemstone mining is an educational, fun and easy way to search for natural gemstones the old fashioned way. The water flows from a water tower through various drops and turns into a wooden sluiceway. On the bottom portion of the sluice, people sift through the gemstone mining rough using a panning tray to discover various gemstones. Gemstone Miners will discover up to 25 individual gemstones including Pyrite, Rubies, Sapphires. Quartz and Amethyst. Once you have washed away the mining rough, keep the gemstones as keepsakes or decorations or make jewellry with them.

Have Gemstone Mining, Fossil Digs or Gemstone Treasure Chest for your Amusement Park, FEC, Zoo, Museum, Campground, Farm, Cave or Maize Adventure. We can customize a turnkey Gemstone mining system with a water tower or paddle wheel, with a wooden sluice way, indoor or outdoor, and provide you with all supplies, signs, picture cards, fossils and mining rough year round. A large Gemstone mining system is only $12,995.00 US and includes $10,000.00 of retail merchandise in your basic gemstone mining adventure package. Net profit including labour, in a 110 day season selling only 100 large bags per day is over $32,000.00 per season.

Taking orders now for the 2015 season

Gemstone Mining Adventures
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